10 Tips for Getting the Middle of Attention at Any Event

Park to a playground.  It’s easy with
inflatables.  Leave area for
customizable banner ads and earn extra revenue through sponsorships.

Hint #12 Switch Heavyweights in to Lightweights – When
You struck a logistical brick wall with trying to display something of great dimensions
or burden, don’t give up.  The answer is
simple: create custom inflatable replicas that look just like the real things,
but weigh less and are much easier to ship from place to

Tip #13Encourage Graffiti – Speak about
Consumer interaction.  Inviting visitors to
write messages on your own inflatable product opens the door to a great
feedback. All it requires is a habit inflatable product replica and a couple of paint
pens to pull off it.

Hint #14Become a Corporate Role Model – With
Many worthy causes to select from, it ought to be easy to choose one that holds
special significance for your own organization. Tie in their events and use
inflatable arches to spread the word throughout your community.

Mascot on the rooftop of this convention center, retail place or cafe.
Sure, it’s a classic marketing technique, but one that has never lost its
effectiveness.  Be certain to keep your idea
fresh, however.  We have all seen over
our fair share of gorillas.

Tip #16Create a Celebrity Lookalike – Create a
Caricature of a renowned animal, politician or celebrity and see the cameras
come out.  Fun, exciting and a super way
to promote photos.

Tip #17Throw Your Mascota Birthday Party – What a wonderful way to celebrate.  Mascots create such a great, emotional
Link with clients, therefore it’s only natural they’d wish to observe
special occasions together.

Tip #18Host a Benefits Party – Gains are
Rarely a popular subject with employees. Often difficult to know
(particularly insurance), employees can walk away unsure of what is accessible to
them or which choices would be best for their own circumstances. Using custom
inflatables to communicate company offerings and benefits is a superb way to
ease anxiety and help employees make the proper decisions.

Tip #19 Can the Unexpected – Tradeshow booths
Are typically grounded.  It’s what’s
anticipated when attendees wander through the exhibition hall.  In a sea of eye-level displays, what could
grab care better than something no one expects?  Hang your inflatable display from the ceiling
above your booth. Not only can it get increased visibility, but it will also
encourage people to stroll over to a place to learn what’s up.

Tip #20Break the Silence when You Break Ground -
Looking for a refreshing twist to the old standard shovel images that
generally are taken at groundbreaking events? 
Interesting and enjoyable, an inflatable product replica is the perfect
addition to each press event.

approach. From tradeshows to internal company purposes, you’ll find
Inflatables to be affordableComputer Technology Articles, usable assets for all your event-marketing

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