Chocolate Flavor Coconut Karanje


15-20 wonton wrappers

Ingredients For Stuffing:
1 tbsp. Milk powder (optional)
Handful of raisins
30 gm chopped nuts like pista, almonds, cashews

5 tablespoons. coconut flakes
2 tablespoons. HERSHEY’S Spreads Cocoa with Almond
2 tablespoons. HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup

For Stuffing:
1. In a pan, add the dates & nuts and fry for 30 secs.
2. Insert in HERSHEY’S Spreads Cocoa with Almond, coconut flakes, dry fruits & HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup and cook for 2 mins. Add milk powder if necessary
3. Remove it in a bowl so that it warms faster
4. Mix well and place the stuffing aside

For Outer layer.
Require 15-20 ready-made wonton wrappers
Cut them into 3 inch diameter circles with a cutter or back of a glass
3. Hold among the circles in hand and place a 1/2 teaspoon of stuffing at the center and twist the ends with water to give it a karanji shape
4. Use a fork to give it a unique layout in the edges
5. Repeat this process with the remaining dough. Make a heap of karanjis and maintain them ready

For Frying:

Drop from the karanjis and deep fry until golden
Rush the fried karanjis on a wire rack and let it cool completely
Drizzle some HERSHEY’S Chocolate Flavored Syrup on top
Serve them any time of the day

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