How To Capture Leads with Classified Ad

There are many free online/offline classified ad out there. Some people thinks that it doesnt really work to get the prospect with that service.

The fact is that many new marketers using it, posting their offer over and over again. Why? because its easy and FREE.

I’ll show you the right way to advertise with it.
You must use a two step ad.
this is the working example:
Ordinary people are making EXTRAORDINARY
money WORKING FROM HOME on the Internet!
Get FREE info by email. Send your request to:
You can see that the Ad is short eye catching, but the reason why it calls a two steps Ad is because it does’nt lead your prospect directly to your promoted website. It works two steps:
step 1 asking the prospect to send email to the autoresponder address.
step 2 the autoresponder capture the email and then send an offering email with your website link in it. You can send blank email to the above address to see how it work from inside.

Most of the time this is the most effective way with Classified Ad, where you can only put a very short Ad in it. So the job of your ad only to grab the attention and drive them to send an email for complete information, make them curious about your product!

In order to execute this type of promotion you need to have your own autoresponderComputer Technology Articles, there are some free autoresponders out there. The autoresponder will capture the email and send the offering email automatically so your job only
placing your ad to many free classified ads out there. You need to set up the offering letter first in your autoresponder before placing the ad.

I have used this strategy with local yellowpages and I put my ad only once a week and I got new leads/subscribers everyday with the little effort I’ve done.

Happy List Building!

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