Measure Twice, Cut Once


Renovating is a distinct job, as defined it is the process of improving a structure, classified and subdivided into two prominent types, the commercial and the residential. Inflexible in the making, this process involved in transformation is a complex process, however it is usually broken down into several areas, planning, engineering, structural repair, rebuilding, and finishes, naming it.     Finishes is the area, where interior design make its involvement in the big and convoluted world of renovation. Incontrovertibly different from simple interior refurbishment, renovation includes physical and aesthetical considerations making it a difficult job for interior designers.     What are the things to consider in renovating spaces? This question hangs as the first query of space owners before getting involved in a redecoration project. Before starting this kind of project, take stock of your privy resources and finances, figure out how much you have to spend and then set your allocation accordingly. Make sure you know what your renovation dollars will bring back to you in home value appreciation.     Renovation comes with advantages and at the same time it also poses disadvantages. It is done not only to bring a higher value of appreciation for our spaces but also to improve the space atmosphere. If a space owner’s reason is the former, then renovation is ideal but they need to accept its consequences, big bucks is always on the first line, but if the space that you will be renovating is the most expensive of its kind on the block, a simple space improvement will do.     To be guided with the twist and turns of renovation, professionals having the erudition and dexterity in the field will be the best person’s to be consulted.

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Carolyn Miller has been engaged in the professional practice of interior design in Chicago, since 1994, after obtaining a bachelors degree in design from the Ecole d’Arts Appliques, Poitiers, France, 1984-1987. Her affiliations in Agence Vidal, which is an architectural firm, and in Air France, both located in Paris polished her knowledge in architectural design. Miller obtained her NCIDQ certification in 2000. She is currently working on a renovation project for her company.

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