Breakout of the Classified Ocean – With Alternative Promotion Methods

So, you just can’t seem to write an effective ad?

Either that or there are just too many other classified ads out
there, and nobody really pays attention to them anymore.

Have you ever felt like this?

Well, fortunately, there are alternatives. You don’t have to rely
solely on classified advertising to promote your business.

Here is a discussion, including advantages and disadvantages,
of a few other ways of getting your promotional job done.


A very popular alternative, and it’s popular because it can really
work, is to start your own affiliate program. By sharing the
profits of your business with those who get business for you,
you essentially access the promotional territory of everyone who
signs up as your affiliate. When a person signs up, he or she will
promote your opportunity to all of their contacts, and across the
Net in a variety of ways. This is an excellent way to get
promotion without having to pay for it until you share a sale with
your affiliate.

Obviously, if you are simply promoting an affiliate program this
is not an option. Also, you still need to get people to your site
to sign them up for your affiliate program in the first place.
There is still an advantage to offering one, though, because all
that do sign up will be promoting for you.


If you are a good content writer, you can promote your
business for free through writing articles that are of value to
ezine editors and webmasters. The content should be valuable
to the readers, so that editors will want to use it, and should also
be related to your business. Then, at the end of the article, you
attach a resource box that has your name, a brief description of
your business, and a link to your site. If you do your job right,
the content of your article should lead right in to the content on
your web site.

However, do not just make a direct sales pitch. You have to
write something of value or it will not be read, or even

The difficulty here is getting published enough to make it
worthwhile. If you write one article and nothing more, you may
have trouble competing with those who have built a name by
continually writing articles. Also, if you can’t write a decent ad,
you may not be interested in writing articles either.

The good part of this tactic is that it is free, and that it can
continue to bring you traffic for a long time if the article is good
enough to be passed around a lot.


Another method of promotion is to offer free e-books. You
can write your own if you can produce the content, or put one
together from free reprint sources, or download free e-books
from others and offer them as promotional resources.

Again, you have to get people to your site to offer them your e-
book, or you have to advertise it. Plus, you may not want the
work of writing or putting one together.

The advantage being, that people who download your e-book
will be re-exposed to your offer when they read the e-book, if
it’s your own. Also, it can help to persuade people to visit your
site to begin with.


Contact other webmasters and offer to exchange links with
them. Spreading your link around on other sites will help to
promote what you have to offer.

The problem here is that you can only put so many links on your
site without cluttering it up, and that you have to have something
to offer others in order to get them to exchange with you.
Therefore, this can be a hard thing to start out with. Also, if you
are promoting an affiliate site, you can’t add anything to it

The good thing about this is that it will expose your link to a
different market.


There are programs for purchasing Guaranteed Hits to your
site. This will bring you visitors with no worries and literally no
work. The distinct advantage over other methods of promoting
is that the visitor will be at your site. You don’t have to coax
them to visit as with other advertising, they will be taken to your
site. Also, this can work for promoting affiliate sites whereas
many of the other methods are only useful for those with their
own web site.

It is an expense, and while the visitors are generally online
business owners and buyers, they may not be specifically
targeted to your particular interest.

However, if you believe your site or program is good and are
only lacking in getting visitors this may be the best solution.
Guaranteed Hits usually come in groups of 1000s. 5-10
thousand often being a minimum purchase. So, even with a
terribly low sales percentage you can still see how guaranteed
hits can be very effective. Just compare the price of the
guaranteed hits to how many sales you would have to get to
make it all worth it. If even a low 1-3% sales ratio makes you a
profit, then this may be the answer for you.

The other advantage here is that you don’t have to do
promotional work to get these visitors. Therefore, you will be
left with more time to work on the other aspects of your


Targeted Banner Impressions have similar advantages and
disadvantages to guaranteed hits. These are banners that are
placed on other’s sites with content similar to your own. In fact,
they may even end up on a direct competitor’s site. People are
not guaranteed to visit your site, but the banners are presented
to an audience of people that are targeted to your specific
business whereas guaranteed hits are more general.

This also has a cost, but again compare it to the cost of
classified ads and see if a low 1-3% sales ratio will still make
you a profit above that of the cost of the Banner Impressions.
Once again, this method of promotion leaves you more time to
work on the other aspects of your business.

Each of these methods can be useful, it just depends on your
abilities and interests. Some of these require work, others
require no work, but incur an expense. Consider each of them
and how they might fit into your plans. It’s certainly possible to
integrate multiple ways of promotion, and in fact it makes sense
to do so.

Still, considering these other methods may just get you out of
having to write anymore classified adsFind Article, or having to compete in
the Classified Ocean.

How To Build A Solid Income With Classified Ads!

The classified ad is the most powerful marketing tool for
the new marketer. Even seasoned marketers have kept the
classified ad as the backbone of their lead generating


They’re low cost.

Produce a high rate of return per dollar spent.

Can be multiplied indefinitely.

Now with the advent of the internet, ads go out instantly
and you can get started for Free! Don’t take the power of
classifieds lightly.

Here’s how to get started absolutely Free and consistently
double your business.

1. Pick one product or service to start with. Don’t spread
yourself thin marketing hundreds of products. You can use
your other offers for back-end sales.

2. Write an attention grabbing ad. If you’re not sure how,
” How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ad at:

3. Set up an autoresponder account to handle inquiries.

4. Prepare a sales letter for your autoresponder. If you need
help writing a sales letter read the Free online book
“Magic Letters.”

5. Start out with Free Ezine Ads.

6. Once you start making a profit from the free ads, begin
using paid advertising. You should set aside 50% of all
profits for use in pyramiding your ads. If you can afford it,
you should plow back 100% profits for the first 6 months.

If you do this on a consistent basisFree Reprint Articles, your business will
expand beyond you’re wildest dreams.

Don’t take this report lightly. It’s simple to follow and
it will work.

Wishing You Success

Put Some Punch In Your Classified Ad

Classified ads are the world’s number one cheap way to
advertise. They cost just a fraction of a large print ad. And
you get your classified ad in everything from an email
newsletter to USA Today.

Most classified ads are either hard to understand or not
terribly exciting. To get sales, you need people to
immediately understand your offer. You also need to build
a bit of an emotional fire under them.

Start each sentence with an action word. Get this.., Save
now…, Click to…

Make your sentences as short as possible. Incomplete
sentences are ok. Two words. Fine. This fills your ad with
energy and builds excitement.

When possible, include a quote from a past customer.
People believe other customers before they believe you.
It’s human nature.

I knew a guy who built himself a fine retirement by
marketing his self-published book with classified ads. He
started out with an ad in one magazine. When he had made
his money backFree Articles, he put an ad in more magazines until you
couldn’t look through a newsstand without seeing his ad.


Classified ads are perhaps the most popular form of small-
business advertising available today. The reasons are many, and
range from cost, to simplicity, to effectiveness when seen by the
right kind of audience. How you use your classified ad is up to
you, but no matter your business or your goal, one fact remains:
if they’re going to say what needs to be said and get the results
you need in such a small space they must be written well.

First, make sure your ad grabs the attention of your readers with
a good headline. Asking a question works well (HOW WOULD YOU
LIKE TO EARN $60K PER YEAR, PART-TIME?), as does telling people
what the result of taking advantage of your offer will be (SAVE

Next, try to make your product or service sound useful or
exciting, without hyping it up too much or making promises you
might not be able to keep. These tactics will only undermine
your credibility, which you can’t afford to do in 25-50 words.

Using words like FREE, BONUS, and MONEY will also grab reader
attention and make your ad stand out. Highlight or capitalize
important words for emphasis, but try to refrain from using lots
of exclamation points. Yelling at your prospects will get you
nowhere!!! See what I mean?

Once you’ve written your ad, use your spell checker. Even small
mistakes in spelling or grammar can make you look careless or
unreliable. When you’re reading an ad and see typos, what do you
think? Keep in mind the fact that your audience most likely
ISN’T full of idiots.

Overall, make sure your ads will get noticed, convey the facts,
and contribute to your credibility. A good ad will get people
interested and excited about your product without excessive hype.
If you can do all these thingsArticle Search, your classified ad will serve you

Is Internet Classified Advertising Dead?

As little as two years ago, classified advertising on the internet
was HOT! Believe it or not, up until then I had generated
thousands of dollars in affiliate program sales utilizing free
internet classifieds and services known as Free For All (FFA)
Links pages.

But, alas, things change, and it is necessary to change with them.
Free classifieds and FFA’s have all but lost 99.9% of their
effectiveness due to abuse by programs known as

These programs post to thousands and thousands of free classified
ad sites and FFA’s, usually for a fee. The problem with using such
services is thousands of other people are using them as well, not to
mention the fact that they rarely post an ad to any sites which receive
the targeted traffic you’re looking for. What do you think is more
important…posting thousands upon thousands of ads to site which
NO ONE (except for the auto-submitters) ever visit, or posting a
handful of ads to sites that receive the quality, targeted traffic you

So is classified advertising dead? In a word….NO!

The “secret” to effective online classified advertising is not really
a “secret” at all, but more a case of common sense. As of March,
2001, almost 90% of internet users found the sites they are looking
for through the use of search engines.

Now you might be thinking, “Great, but what does that have to do
with classified advertising?”

It’s Simple!

Search engines send targeted traffic to the sites listed within them,
but can also be your best tool to find the high traffic sites that offer
low-cost classified advertising that both receives the traffic your
looking for, and the targeted customers you NEED to make sales!

Here’s what you do:

Go to any MAJOR search engine ( ,, etc.) and do a search using a phrase someone
searching for your product or service would look for (i.e. if you’re
selling golf supplies, do searches such as “golf supplies” , or
“golf gear”, etc.). You can find some excellent alternative phrases
by looking at each engine’s results, which should contain additional
search advice (i.e. “people looking for golf supplies also search for;

Take a note of the top 20 sites that come up in each search. Check out
each of these sites, and if they offer paid classified advertising,

I’ve actually advertised on sites that sent me 100-300 unique visitors
per day for LESS THAN $30 for a whole month of advertising!

Here’s a specific example:

Let’s say you’re a member of a network marketing company or similar
home business and you want to drive traffic to your referral website.

Go to the above major search engines and type in the phrase “work at home”
or “work from home” (there are many more search phrases you could use,
I’ll just use these two as an example).

The #1 site for both Google and Yahoo for the phrase “work at home” is
a popular site called “Work at Home Moms” ( If you
take a look at that site, you’ll notice they offer low cost classified
advertising ($25 a month or less if you buy several months at a time).
An ad placed at that particular high-traffic site sent more than 100
unique visitors a day to our site!

What’s more, the visitors we received were the type of TARGETED visitors
that are worth their weight in gold.

If you need some relatively cheap, targeted traffic to your siteArticle Search, give online
classifieds a try-you won’t be disappointed!

Prevent A Migraine Headache

A migraine headache is a form of vascular headache. Migraine headache is caused by a combination of vasodilatation (enlargement of blood vessels) and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the blood vessels. Migraine headaches typically last from 4-72 hours. They may occur as often as several times a week to only once a year. People who have migraines are called migraineurs. Migraine headaches affect about 15% of the population. Three times as many women as men have migraines. Over 80% of migraineurs have family members who have migraines.

The two almost popular types are migraine with atmosphere and migraine without atmosphere. Migraines almost usually are establish in women, with a 3:1 female-to-male ratio. In childhood, however, migraines are more popular in boys than in girls. Migraine with atmosphere is characterized by a neurological phenomenon (atmosphere) that is experienced 10 to 30 minutes before the worry. Most auras are visual and are described as sunny shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the area of imagination (called scintillating scotomas) or zigzag lines, curly images, or hallucinations. Others see short-lived imagination departure.

Common migraine accounts for 80% f migraines. There is no “atmosphere” before a popular migraine. Migraine without atmosphere is the almost rife character and may happen on one or both sides (multilateral) of the chief. Tiredness or climate changes may be experienced the day before the worry. Nausea, vomiting, and sensibility to illuminate (photophobia) frequently follow migraine without atmosphere. A kind of drugs have been specifically designed to handle migraines. Medications used to fight migraines slip into two comprehensive categories. Pain-relieving medications too known as intense or unsuccessful handling.

These drugs are designed to halt symptoms that have already begun. Preventive medications types of drugs are taken regularly, frequently on a regular ground, to fall the hardship or frequency of migraines. Try to avert foods or new things that appear to induce migraines for you. Get lot of slumber and drink lot of fluids. Try to loosen and cut the strain in your living. Most migraineurs can handle mild-to-moderate attacks at house. Using a cold compress to the region of pain. If sure foods appear to get triggered your headaches in the past, consume something else. If sure scents are a troubleFree Web Content, attempt to avert them.

Are You Using Ezine Classified Ads?

If not, then you should be. They are much more effective than
traditional online classifieds mainly because they are more

How many ezines do you think are out there in internet world?

I really do not know. But it has got to be tens of thousands,
perhaps even hundreds of thousands.

Guess what? Most of them have a subscriber base of fewer than
2,000 and very few people are targeting this subscriber base.
The big boys are just targeting the large subscriber ezines.

There is a huge market in getting your targeted ezine ad to
tens of thousands of people.

Here are 3 ways you can do it:

1. Ezine Ad Swaps.

You can swap ezine ads with other ezine editors.

The cost to you – ZERO! You can just approach another ezine
editor and ask to swap 6 ads in their next 6 issues. And you
will feature their ezine ad in your next 6 issues.

2. Pay for Ezine Ads

You could negotiate a deal to pay for ezine ads. If someone has
a subscriber base of 1,000 subscribers and they currently run
little or no ezine ads ask them if they would like to receive
some money to run your ezine ad. I bet they don’t say no.

3. Swap Ezine Ads for Articles

Instead of swapping ezine ads why not feature another editors
article in your ezine and they feature your ezine ad in their
ezine. Both sides benefit.

What about receiving money for running ezine ads in your ezine?

Once you get to 1,000 subscribers you can start to run paid
ezine ads. But don’t run any more than 3 per issue. You do not
want to clutter your ezine with a whole lot of ads.

Rates vary tremendously but let’s assume you negotiate a deal
of $10 per thousand subscribers for each ezine ad. You run 3
ads per ezine.

If your ezine was a weekly publication then that is an extra
$30 per week, or $1,560 per year. A nice little extra earner.

When you get to 2,000 subscribers this would be over $3,000 per
year. Can you see the potential here?

So if you’ve never tried ezine classified adsBusiness Management Articles, then give them a
shot. Compared to online classified ads they are more focussed
and have been proven by independent studies to get a higher
response rate.

Most Popular Classified Listings

Things are not like they used to be. The writing is on the wall for most all of the paper newspapers; it is just a matter of time before they all disappear just like nearly all of the pay telephones did. The modern consumer of today can kick back in the comfort of his or her own home and search free classifieds in every major newspaper in the world on the computer.

Whether you are trying to sell something or buy something, free classified ads are here to stay. By listing some of the more popular items listed in classifieds, the reader will get some good ideas about how to create a unique ad.

Classified Listing – Automobiles

The automobile classifieds, and new car advertising provide newspapers with their largest source of revenue by far. If you are using online newspapers to look for an automobile, you will usually be able to look free of charge but expect to be exposed to some online advertising. By being able to access all the newspapers around the country for free, you are sure to end up with a very good deal.

Classified Listing – Death Notices

As people get older, one of the first things they look at in the morning newspaper is the paid death notices in the newspaper. Many people have moved far away from where they grew up, so they especially enjoy being able to jump on the internet in the morning with their cup of coffee, and see who has died in their old home town. If they discover that a good friend or loved one has passed away, they then can further use the internet to deliver messages of grief and/or flowers to the funeral.

Classified Listing – Weddings and Anniversaries

The second most popular reason people read out-of-town newspapers is to see who is getting married in their old home town that they know, and who is having an anniversary. Once a familiar name is spotted, then the internet can again be used to send gifts or flowers.

Classified Listing – Residential and Commercial Real Estate

The internet completely changed the way people shop for either residential or commercial real estate. In the old days you would ride around the city with your real estate agent going from place to place. Today, you can view excellent pictures of all prospective sites from the comfort of your own home. Not only does this new way of looking save you gas, but you are able to narrow the selection done to just a few possibilities, thus saving you even more time.

Classified Listing – Jobs

Remember when you would show up at a company, with resume in hand, looking for a job? Not any more. Almost all jobs are applied for online initially. Further down the line, a favored candidate will be asked to actually come to the company for a face-to-face interview.

How to Promote Your Business Using Classified Ads

Classified ads can be very effective in online marketing. Free classified ads fit into every budget. It all comes down to how much time you are willing to spend creating, posting, updating and deleting ads. Depending on your particular product or service, it can be time-consuming to respond to interested parties, deliver goods or services and maintain a high level of customer service.

Selling through free classified ads can help you promote your business. Include your company’s name, product information and a website link in your ads to gain more attention. Include pictures whenever possible to give customers a better idea of what they can expect if they make a purchase from you.

The Benefits of Promoting on Classified Ad Sites

Aside from saving you money in advertising costs, placing ads on free classified sites has many other benefits. These include:

* Targeted traffic directed to your website.

* Instant posting.

* Few rules regarding what can be posted.

* The opportunity to test your ad copy at no cost before placing ads on websites that draw more traffic but charge a fee.

* The ability to track your visitors and gauge how successful each ad is.

* The ability to build your opt-in list and follow up with potential customers.

Tips for Promoting Your Business Using Free Classified Ads

Promoting your business with free classified ads is relatively easy. Still, there are some steps that can make your campaign more successful. Keep these tips in mind:

* Familiarize yourself with the terms of the classified ad site before posting. This will help you avoid having your ads deleted.

* Place ads frequently for better results. Update weekly to keep your posts at the top so you get more views.

* Remain professional, both in your classified ads and in dealings with potential customers.

* Make sure your ad shines and stands out from the crowd without being too loud or obnoxious.

* Include keywords to help targeted customers find your ads.

Classified Ads and Niche Marketing

One particularly effective way to get more targeted traffic from your free classified ads is to choose sites that are very specific in nature. For example, if you own a company that sells creative and unique baskets, then you can place your ad on a site for gifts. If you own a used car dealership, however, the gift site is not going to work for you. You can advertise in the automobile section of a general site, but you can also search for classified ad sites that are specifically geared toward car enthusiasts. The key is that visitors to these sites will already be interested in what you have to offer.

Traditional Advertising Versus Online Marketing

The advertising world has changed a lot over the last decade. Traditional print ads are not as effective as they once were. They also can be costly. Online marketing is the most effective way to promote a business, whether it is an online business or actually has a storefront. Free classified ads should certainly be included in your marketing strategy. Carefully track your website traffic to gauge how effective each ad isFeature Articles, and then make adjustments as needed. Online marketing is here to stay. Avoiding this valuable tool is like shutting the door on potential customers.