Recruitment Agency

 You had to wait for that company reply and sometimes they
didn’t reply. It was a very hectic method.

As you know these days there is so much boom of internet.
Now, the job finding is very easy. There are plenty of online websites and applications
are launched to help the people who are looking for jobs. This practice enabled
the companies to post the vacancies and receive applications from talents world
wide without geographic and time limitation which reduced the cost and time
involved for recruiting candidates.

As we know that nearly all countries are now seeing a growth
in their economy. Economic growth rate is a crucial factor in determining the
generation of jobs. The disintegrating global economic environment would
significantly impact the recruitment market in 2010. The impact of the
financial slowdown is restricting recruitment in many countries. Due to this
financial slowdown all global staffing companies feel they are in a better
position than smaller companies to manage the current crisis. Smaller staffing
agencies are weaker to an economic recession because they depend on high
margins to ensure profitability. However, global
agencies remain positive. They are adopting techniques to
manage the crisis.

Technological advancement, globalization of market place
combined with an increasing shortage of skilled staff has made it crucial for
companies to implement appropriate recruitment practices through out the world.
The recruitment industry is gearing up for these changes by developing
strategic alliances and global partnering to ensure access to the best
candidates world wide. Professionalism, technical competence and the
development of world best practice are trademarks of successful global recruitment consultancies.

Outsourcing is the latest trend in the employment sector.
Many organizations have moved to outsourcing all of their non-core activities.
Outsourcing has created jobs in developing countries like IndiaFree Reprint Articles, Philippines. Call centers and BPO’s
are a direct outcome of outsourcing. The workforce in this sector commands high
salaries. This in turn has led to a rise in domestic consumption. This
increased consumption has led to more production of goods and it has created
more employment.

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