Short But Sweet–Keys to Writing Effective Classified Ads

Short But Sweet–Keys to Writing Effective Classified Ads

By Elizabeth Sinclair

The key to writing an effective
classified ad lies in your ability to say a lot with a little. In other words, grab my attention, tell me about the best features of your product or
service, and command me to buy in 50 words or less.

Sound easy enough? Many people think writing a classified ad is a
no-brainer until they get started. Then they discover that, try as they might, they can’t get their point across in only 50 words.

When you are passionate and excited about the product or service you offer, it is difficult to sum up that
enthusiasm in a short block of text. However, if you have a few definitive rules in mind before you start writing your classified ad, it will be easy
as pie:

1. Capture attention with headlines–Headlines are the key to grabbing a reader’s attention. They are what people read first, so if you don’t interest them with the headline, they won’t read on. State your best selling point concisely in fewer than 5 words. Use action words that appeal to the emotions, like “SAVE” or “WIN.”

Remember to target your audience tightly. Many classified ad writers make their headlines too all-inclusive, rendering them non-specific. Pick 3 or 4 key groups of people, and write
different headlines for each. If you are marketing to soccer moms, say something like “TIRED FROM JUGGLING KIDS AND WORK?” If you are marketing to college students you could say something

2. Less is more–Use just enough description to make your prospect want what you offer. This is the really tough part; the part where people mistakenly think that more is more. Classified ads are not meant to give extensive details about your product or
service. Highlight 1 or 2 key points and call it good. Focus on making these selling points more attractive rather than including too many selling points, which leaves no room for the push.

3. Demand action–Tell your prospect what to do: order, call, write, email, subscribe, buy, visit, don’t wait. Don’t make your reader decide what to do next. Tell them what to do! Remember,
people respond when their interest is peaked. After you have made your prospect want what you offer, move in for the kill and demand that they take immediate action.

4. Contact information–Always include several ways to buy in your contact information. I know, I know. This takes up some of your valuable selling space, but you should do it anyway. What if
someone wanted to buy from youPsychology Articles, but it was too difficult for them to get Internet access? It’s worth it to include your phone number or address for those who have not yet embraced the age of technology.

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