The contents of an Event Planners Tool Kit

Every planner is different and will have their very own style, choice and brands that they use, but fundamentally most of us will have a very similar listing. When I’m organising an event I usually have my sensible kit and my event bible. Now we are taking a look at the functional kit. Now it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, infact I would advise popping down to your local Bunnings and picking up one of those tiny workmans tool boxes and utilizing that as they have plenty of compartments. Another good idea would be to utilize one of those Scrap Booking tool boxes, they have many handy compartments for storing the types of items I am about to suggest.

Now you need to try and think beforehand and expect all the small things you might need when you are onsite at an event. To assist I usually split my listing up into categories; principles, toolsFree Reprint Articles, admin & extras. Now remember the listing below isn’t exhaustive one but It Is Going to certainly cover All of Your basic requirements:





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