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So the job you have been waiting for is finally on the Classified Ads. And you want to put your full power in creating this application letter for your employer. Of course this is not just your ordinary type of letter and you should present it in a standard business letter. Your whole life depends on this so you better take this thing seriously.    Introducing yourself is the hardest part. You need to sound exciting and make them interested and think that you are the one that they are looking for. It is advisable to be yourself but be careful in choosing your words and stay in a professional tone. You need to construct the letter in a way that they will feel very special and as if the position you are applying for is the only job you ever wanted.    Certainly you need to tell your employer your qualifications. This includes your past employments, your achievements, and your skills. You need to prove that you are qualified and that you are a competitive candidate for the position. You may give specific examples or specific task you can do on your past employment that is related to the job you are pursuing now.    Also don’t ever forget to put in your letter that you are asking for an interview. The letter should contain for a call of action. In your own personal words express that you are looking forward for their response and you are wanting for a personal interview in any time that is convenient with them. Then give your contact information like your e-mail address, and your cell phone number. Remember that you should sound that you will work on the company rather than saying that you want to learn more things in the company. Sound as if you will be an asset to the company.    Be personal. Write as if you are writing to a person not to the whole company. It is better if you know the specific person who will do the hiring. This letter creation should sound personal. So you need to make it on your own words. Don’t be too robotic. I tell you, the employer will surely know if your letter doesn’t really have personal touch. 🙂 Good luck!

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