The Internet Marketing Learning Curve


I think it depends on how you look at it and what your circumstances are at the time. If perhaps you are destitute and are going to rely on the internet as your only source of income, maybe you have lost your job, the bill’s are mounting and it’s a last-ditch hope of survival, even though you know little or nothing about internet marketing, then I don’t think it’s a very good proposition. Always remember, there are no instant wealth programs out there! My honest opinion and my own experience tell me this. Internet Marketing can be, and often is very lucrative, but, and it’s a great big but, it doesn’t happen overnight. It took me over two years to make my first dollar from Internet Marketing, it is definitely not all plain sailing.

Having said all that and got it off my chest, Internet Marketing is not all that complicated, but, some effort has to be put in on your part. Time taken learning about the subject will be rewarded later. There is a lot to learn, but, again, you don’t have to learn everything at once. Learning the basic principles thoroughly before venturing out on a full-scale marketing campaign is, in my opinion, a must. It hurts me now to admit it, but when I first started out on my journey into the unknown world of internet marketing I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about computers and how to make them do what I wanted them to do instead of them doing exactly as they please.

After all, I’d had computers since the early days of the Atari, you know the one, two weeks to program in a game and then it didn’t work when you tried to play it. Boy was I wrong! I knew nothing. It’s one thing to master a word processor and play Pac Man and something completely different to set up a website, configure the download and play buttons, upload video’s and stumble through the ever increasingly difficult task of getting traffic. Today, there are countless opportunities to learn anything you want. The options are practically endless.

Online research through the likes of Google is a good way to learn, type in what you want to know and Google will come up with thousands of pages of results. Free internet marketing training EBooks are plentiful, be careful though, there is an awful lot of rubbish out there. Another way I have found very useful is to study other peoples marketing campaigns, study the headline, the wording of the headline, does it grab your attention ?. By the way, I don’t mean you to copy other peoples websites, that’s naughty !!! Copying other peoples material can get you into trouble, prosecution, big fines, jail, and even hanging, (only joking), but be aware, you can get into some serious trouble using other peoples material without their permission. Also, beware of free or paid for the information that is four or five years out of date, there is a lot of it out there, along with an awful lot of material that is completely useless and totally inaccurate.

Check anything you are not too sure about with other sources to make sure anything you do use is accurate.

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